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Samsung Overtakes Fitbit In Wearable Sales For First Time

Fitbit has been a top competitor on the global wearable market for a long time, but the South Korea giant Samsung managed to steal the silver crown of the wearable market from Fitbit. According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung gained the
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Vivo Showcases First Phone With Under Display Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

Shortly after Qualcomm unveiled its next-gen fingerprint scanning solutions, Vivo has announced Under Display Fingerprint Scanning Solution called Vivo Under Display that offers in-display fingerprint scanning. At the MWC 2017 Shanghai,

Big Discovery: Scientists Show That Water Exists In Two Different Liquid Forms

Image Credit: Physics Light Water is a complex molecule, besides being precious. Latest research programmed by scientists at Stockholm University in Sweden reports that liquid water exists in two different states. And both of these states have different structures as well as density. The

This Laser Produces Light 1 Billion Times Brighter Than The Sun

Image: A team of physicists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln experimented at their Extreme Light Laboratory, which produced an extremely bright light. A laser beam was thrown at helium suspended electrons that emitted light brighter than the Sun. The

Petya Ransomware Vaccine: This Single File Will Protect You From Latest Attack

A security researcher has found a fix for the latest Petya Ransomware attack. For now, you can vaccinate your system in seconds by creating a particular file. If Petya finds that file on the disk, it stops the encryption business. Please note that users need to create this

Open Source Friday: GitHub Declares Friday As “Open Source Day”

GitHub has launched a new initiative to encourage people and organizations to contribute to open source projects. As a part of this initiative, one can start by contributing to some open source projects every Friday. The interested users can start by

No Network? This Tiny Device Helps Send Texts, Location From Your Smartphone

Going out of cellular network coverage area is one of the many problems faced by trekkers, mountaineers, and off-roaders. Sometimes, the situation gets worse when the members of a group separate in an unknown location.