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Fappening 2.0 Continues: Modern Family Actress Sarah Hyland Has Become The Latest Victim Of Notorious Hackers [Private Photos, Video Leaked]

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland has become the latest victim of notorious hackers. Her private pictures and video have been posted online on infamous website Celeb Jihad. According to media sources, Sarah’s lawyers are planning to take legal action against the websites who choose to publish the leaked material. Meanwhile, the actual powers behind the leak are unknown.
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Mozilla Is Developing Open Source speech recognition System

Mozilla has decided speech recognition should be open source, and has launched a project to achieve just that, Project Common Voice.

Last year, Google said that about 20% of the searches made on mobile are voice inputs and the

Mira Prism: Hands-free Accessory That Can Turn An iPhone Into An AR Device

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Trend Micro Security Firm Have Uncovered A New Android Malware That Exists In Three Different Versions And Steals Your Private Data

Trend Micro security firm have uncovered a new Android malware that exists in three different versions. Called GhostCtrl, this malware has the ability to help an attacker remotely control your Android device and steal your data. It also gives the attacker a power to record audio/video and upload it to the malware’s C&C server. The second version of

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According to reports, the devices running Intel Atom Clover Trail processors are failing to install the new Windows 10 Creators Update. Most probably, these devices will stop getting security and other updates after early 2018.

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