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This “Bladeless Fan” From Asus Is Actually A Wi-Fi AC Router With A Huge Hole In It

asus blue cave
There isn’t anything fascinating about wireless routers in terms of design. They just sit in a corner of your house, and despite their usefulness, probably, no one ever removes the dust from them since the time they are configured.
Asus Blue Cave AC2600 Dual-Band WiFi router announced at Computex might change the perception people have about routers. It can easily be confused with a bladeless fan or a speaker. Thankfully, it’s better than their RT-AC5300 — world’s fastest WiFi router — that looks a like an alien spider.
The latter one can be true as the router supports IFTTT, allowing you to hook it up with your Alexa. So, be it your living room or kitchen, the router would be able to assist you and automate tasks.
You won’t be able to find any ugly antennas attached to the router as Blue Cave’s four antennas are built into the roof of the router; the processing hardware rests at the bottom of the devices.
Other goodies include a lifetime free subscription of Trend Micro’s AirProtection for as an effort to tighten the security of all devices connected to your network.
You can control Blue Cave using the companion app which can show alerts when a new device is connected and security threat notifications from AirProtection. This is similar to other fancy routers like Google WiFi and smart firewalls like CUJO, all you need is a smartphone or tablet.
The launch date for Asus Blue Cave AC2600 is unclear but Engadget suggests that it would cost around $180 when arrives in the stores.

What the hole??

Making a hole into their wireless router isn’t completely a marketing gimmick. According to BGR, Asus calls the hole a “central aperture” that directs the signal.
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