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Upcoming Intel Core i9 CPUs Are Intel’s Biggest Change In Years — Here Are Leaked Specifications

Intel Core i9 leaked Specs
Image: Sweepr via AnandTech
Intel might be planning a major change to their processor lineup. According to a leaked images, there are four Intel Core i9 processors, based on the SkyLake-X architecture, in the making. This is accompanied by two Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake-X CPUs. All of these are expected to release sometime in June 2017.

Ever since the release of the Intel Core processor line-up, we have only witnessed three categories of CPUs including Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7. Now, if rumors are believed to be true, the next generation of Intel CPUs would welcome a new family member in the name of Core i9.
A distorted leaked image posted by an AnandTech forum member reveals details about the upcoming Core-i9 based on the Skylake-X architecture.

Intel Core i9 Specifications

  • Core i9-7920X (12 Core/24 Thread, 16.5MB L3, 44 PCIe Lanes, 140W, Clock: N/A)
  • Core i9-7900X (10C/20T, 13.75MB L3, 44 PCIe Lanes, 140W, Clock: 3.3GHz – 4.5GHz with Turbo 3.0)
  • Core i9-7820X (8C/16T, 11MB L3, 28 PCIe Lanes, 140W, Clock: 3.6GHz – 4.5GHz with Turbo 3.0)
  • Core i9-7800X (6C/12T, 8.25MB L3, 28 PCIe Lanes, 140W, Clock: 3.5GHz – 4.0GHz with Turbo 2.0)
Along with these, there are Core i7 processors in the line. These are based on the Kaby Lake-X architecture.
  • Core i7-7740K (4C/8T, 8MB L3, 16 PCIe Lanes, 112W, Clock: 4.3GHz – 4.5Ghz with Turbo 2.0)
  • Core i7-7640K (4C/4T, 6MB L3, 16 PCIe Lanes, 112W, Clock: 4.0Ghz Base 4.2Ghz Turbo 2.0)
Clearly, Core i9 CPUs would be replacing i7 as the top-tier CPUs. The leaked details further reveal that both Skylake-X would offer support for Quad DDR4-2666 memory and it would be Dual DDR4-2666 in the case of Kaby Lake-X CPUs. All of these CPUs would be running on Intel upcoming LGA2066 socket.
As far as the benchmarks are concerned, Guru3D has managed to score some numbers regarding integer and floating point calculations for the flagship CPUs:
  • Core i9-7290X: 2.9GHz, 130 Points (Single-Core), 1760 Points (Multi-core)
  • Core i9-7200X: 3.1GHz, 107 (Single-Core), 1467 (Multi-Core)
For reference, you can take the benchmark results of the deca-core Core i7-6950X into consideration. It scores 116 points (Single-Core) and 1525 points (Multi-Core).
All of these CPUs would be running on Intel’s upcoming LGA2066 socket, releasing in June, which is also the expected month of release of these processors, according to leaked image. This excludes Core i9-7290X which might hit the stores in August. The details known so far aren’t official and might change before the actual product arrives in the market.
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