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After China and Japan, Canada is Planning To Teach Coding in Kindergarten

Children learning coding in school
In this computer advanced world, countries like Japan, China and Canada too have taken the initiative to teach computer programming to school children.The strategy is to develop student’s creative and logical thinking. The plan would, more importantly, cover
students of the primary school to high school.
If we trace down the history of hacking which is supposed to have started from the 1960’s up till now, we do realize how important today is’ cyber security.’ With a big list of cyber attack cases, the knowledge of counter-attacks, prevention and decryption are essential. For that, we need to know ‘coding.’
Apart from the cyber protection issues, we can also estimate how fast is the coding culture to expand in the future. With all the prospects in mind, few countries are planning and have planned to teach coding to students covering primary to high school students.
After Japan and China, Canada joined the queue. Canada made programming an important and compulsory part of the syllabus. The plan is to help build children’s logical, reasoning, creative and technical thinking. Under the program, five hundred teachers would be appointed across the country.These teachers too would be at first trained about coding and other digital skills. Digital skills and coding would be taught to children starting from kindergarten.
If we talk of Japan, some of the cities have already taken the initiative. China, in fact, has been more critical in this implementation. In China, schools have started teaching kids even before they reach pre-school.
The Canadian government and the respective authority is planning to start teaching coding to school children. The program will cover 500,000 students with the program cost of $50 million.
The initiative looks forward to encouraging women and natives to learn about computer programming. Back in 2000, Israel too developed a ‘coding-teaching’ program to high school students.
Much to our surprise, U.S has not taken any step pertaining to this issue. Moreover, the question is whether the strategy; countries like Japan, China, and Canada are working upon is rational or not?
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