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Will Robots Take My Job? I Found The Answer On This Website

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Will robots take my job? This is the question I have started to ask myself lately, ever since I heard Jack Ma’s warning about our future being very painful and Bill Gates referring to robot taxes.  What’s more, I have been hearing more and
more about the increasing degree of automation in various job sectors. Be it a car manufacturing assembly line, a robot kiosk at KFC, autonomous cars, delivery drones, etc.
Thankfully, some researchers have made efforts to statistically analyze the situation and predict which jobs are more likely to face the wrath of the robots in the future.
A report titled The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation? was published by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne in 2013.
The study focused on the susceptibility of the 702 detailed occupations to computerization. They used some hard to grasp mathematical concepts like Gaussian process classifiers and were able to arrive at a conclusion that around 47% of the total US employment is at risk. Now, four years after the study, the figure might have increased a bit further.
According to the report, people working as physicians, surgeons, dentists, community managers, civil engineers, fashion designers, lawyers, hairstylists, chef, and more are still on the safe side. In fact, the report labels these occupations as “not computerizable”. But considering the rapid growth in AI and technology, some of these ‘safe’ jobs might also get compromised.
A website which goes by the domain has extracted the figures from the report and added more information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to present it to the users in an easily understandable way. All you need to do is enter your job designation in the search bar and it’ll show you how likely are computers to take your job in the future.
Thankfully, AIs and bots aren’t very interested in taking my job, at least, till the next decade.
The information available on Will Robots Take My Job? might not set in stone but it can give you a ballpark estimation about a possible automation in your field.
You can visit Will Robots Take My Job? using this link.
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