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Tesla Is Building The World’s Largest Lithium-ion Battery In South Australia

Image: Tesla
Tesla is building the world’s largest lithium-ion battery in South Australia. Neoen will partner with Tesla in this project to help Australia deal with power cuts and similar problems. It would reserve 129 Megawatts of power, which would be efficiently
and cheaply supplied to the people. Elon Musk guarantees project completion to be done within 100 days.
Elon Musk owned Tesla will build the world’s largest lithium-ion battery with French energy company Neoen. The pact is to aid Australia’s energy woes.

The project is planned to reserve 129 Megawatts of power that would be supplied to around 30,000 homes in South Australia. The initiative of the electricity supply was taken to tackle with the ‘blackout’ that struck Australia in 2016. Musk claimed that it would be world’s largest power battery system.
Musk was pretty impressed with Australia agreeing to join the pact. His company is now all set to complete the project within 100 days or else it would be free. It will be completed by December and would be paired with Neoen Hornsdale wind farm to harness power.

This will be the highest power battery system in the world by a factor of 3. Australia rocks!! 

The project, as its two chief leaders believe, will undoubtedly support renewable energy in future. With that, it would be more viable, dependable and distributable. Even the cost per unit power would go down relieving the masses.
The battery storage plant will be built in Jamestown, and the team believes that the idea would be appreciated and looked upon worldwide. Due to frequent blackouts in Australia, it has become a national problem in terms of power supply. Musk, therefore, thought of including the two big companies Tesla and Neoen, which work in energy security and renewing.
Project-costing though has not been released. But Musk has said that working on such large scale is a risky deal. However, in any case, they are expecting full success.
“I specifically think that the consistently lowering cost of batteries, coupled with renewables, is going to fundamentally reshape the energy landscape much faster than anyone thinks it will”, said Cal Lankton, Tesla’s Vice President (Global Infrastructure Operations).
Neoen has also planted Europe’s Biggest solar energy park, distributing energy to around 3,00,000 people in the town.
For the current environmental conditions, it is better to look forward to renewable energy resources and sustainable development. 



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