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Top 10 Most Hackable Countries In The World In 2017

Most hackable countries
Images: Rapid7
There’s no denying the fact that cyber attacks are on the rise. Rapid7’s National Exposure Index throws light on how vulnerable are individual countries to attacks like DDoS, eavesdropping, etc. According to the report of the most hackable countries featuring data
for 183 countries, Zimbabwe is the most exposed. It takes into consideration the devices with open ports, and penetration of various security protocols.
Sooner or later the internet would adopt HTTPS and other advanced security protocols. But in the current scenario, many nations across the globe are filled with connections and devices that are unsafe. Netizens in such countries could easily fall prey in the hands of a notorious hacker.
What’s more frightening is the reality that the complete network of an exposed nation could be taken down. You might have heard about hacker disrupting power plants. Millions or even billion devices are running with one more open ports making themselves prone to ruthless malware like WannaCry and Petya.
The National Exposure Index by Rapid7 is an annual report which details the state of the internet in 183 countries. It provides stats about devices with open ports, penetration of protocols like HTTPS, SSH, SMTPS, etc., and the degree to which particular countries are exposed to cyber attacks.
Rapid7’s report of the most hackable countries for the year 2017 puts Zimbabwe as the most exposed country on the earth – out of 183 countries analyzed for the report – with 54.71% of its internet unencrypted.

10 Most Hackable Countries In The World

1. Zimbabwe

Unencrypted (in terms of HTTPS adoption): 57.71%
Most hackable country 1

2. Hong Kong

Unencrypted: 68.40%
Most hackable country 2

3. Samoa

Unencrypted: 67.99%
Most hackable country 3

4. The Republic of Congo

Unencrypted: 95.37%
Most hackable country 4

5. Tajikistan

Unencrypted: 69.67%
Most hackable country 5

6. Romania

Unencrypted: 66.60%
Most hackable country 6

7. Ireland

Unencrypted: 5.49%
Most hackable country 7

8. Lithuania

Unencrypted: 63.60%
Most hackable country 8

9. Australia

Unencrypted: 52.24%
Most hackable country 9

10. Estonia

Unencrypted: 61.61%
Most hackable country 10

How hackable are popular countries?

It’s great that many big boys with modern network technologies didn’t make it to the top 10 list of the most exposed nations. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t vulnerable. It’s also a pain for China, having the highest internet censorship, has 21st rank in this list if not better.
According to the report, one of the key findings in the case of Belgium which topped last year’s list. The country is nowhere to be seen in the top 50s as they have chopped down their number of IP-addressable exposed devices, by 250,000.
If you’re a regular reader at 9jabreezeland, you might be knowing that last year we published a list of top 10 countries with the fastest average internet speed. Hong Kong ended up being an exposed nation. Let’s take a look at the security report card of popular countries:


Exposure Rank: 18
Most hackable country 11

South Korea

Exposure Rank: 105
Most hackable country 12


Exposure Rank: 151
Most hackable country 13

Unites States

Exposure Rank: 137
Most hackable country 14


Exposure Rank: 37
Most hackable country 15


Exposure Rank: 129
Most hackable country 16


Exposure Rank: 34
Most hackable country 17


Exposure Rank: 21
Most hackable country 18


Exposure Rank: 14
Most hackable country 19


Exposure Rank: 156
Most hackable country 20
You can take a look at the interactive world map of Most Hackable Countries to know the stats about more countries.
So, this was the list of the top 10 countries most vulnerable to cyber attacks. The report says improved geolocation services help in the efficient determination of regions where the devices belong.
Got something to add to this story on the Most Hackable Countries? Drop your thoughts and feedback.



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