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WannaCry Effect: 75% Off On Windows 10 Upgrade Could Happen For 50 Million People In India

Windows 10
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If a deal between the Indian government and Microsoft India gets the green signal, millions of Windows users in India could get a highly discounted Windows 10 upgrade. The latest move has happened in the wake of the recent WannaCry and NotPetya malware
attacks which disrupted operations in many organizations and households.
The WannaCry ransomware which surfaced in around 100 nations last month has only done bad to the people and the hardware. But the ruthless malware might be the cause of a discounted Windows 10 Upgrade for around 50 million users in India.
Other than regular people using older Windows versions, it’s noteworthy that most bank ATMs operating in the country are running Windows XP.
Although the government has worked to apply security patches available as soon as possible, the situation is still dangerous for machines running a defunct Windows version.
According to a report by Reuters, the government of India is in talks with Microsoft to offer a huge price slash for Windows 10. If the deal comes to fruition, Microsoft could provide a one-time Windows 10 upgrade at a price almost a quarter of the original, according to Gulshan Rai who is India’s first cyber security chief. He didn’t dive into specific details but said that Microsoft officials have “in principle agreed” to the request.
For a reference, Windows 10 Home currently retails in India for $124 (approx 8,011 INR). So, people would be getting the new operating system at throw-away prices. There are around 57 million computers in the country, out of which around 96% run on Windows. Only a small number of these machines have Windows 10.
And for Microsoft, it could slow down the escalating rate of their bank balance if they agree to such a deal, charging just a quarter of the price for Windows 10. But it’ll also help them increase their reach and reduce the scope of pirated Windows versions which are easily visible across the nation. Probably, because, many people can’t afford to pay the price or don’t even know they’re using pirated software.
It’s not only WannaCry, after which the talk was initiated, but the more recent NotPetya malware that disrupted the operations of two ports in India has motivated the government to approach Microsoft for such a deal. According to Rai, the government “wants to incentivise the common man to upgrade their systems.”
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