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This Medical Camera Can See Right Through Human Body

Now, a team at the University of Edinburgh has developed a medical camera that can see right through your body. This new camera works by detecting light sources inside the body, such as
endoscope tube’s illuminated tip, as reported by the BBC.
The device will help the medical practitioners track medical tools like endoscopes. This technique will make the internal examinations much easier.
The beams from the endoscope are able to pass through the body but they tend to scatter off different organs and tissues. According to the early tests, the prototype camera can track a light source through 20cm of tissue. This can help the doctors get a better idea of tool location.
medical camera sees through body
Light from the tip of an endomicroscope vs. Picture taken using a conventional camera with scattered light
This medical camera works by detecting photons, the individual light particles. Moreover, it’s so sensitive that it can detect the minute light traces passing through tissues. This camera can identify a medical device with an accuracy of within 1 cm (0.4 in).
The team behind this innovation wishes to continue working in this field and create a real difference in the healthcare technology.



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