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Recently, 9jabreezeland app was published to include a heavily-requested feature . In the version 1.0 of app, improvements have also been made to notifications, bookmarks, text size, etc.
In a very short period of time, 9jabreezeland has established itself as one of the most trusted and popular sources of technology news on the internet. Over the time, with the help of an impartial reporting and constant innovation, 9jabreezeland has continued to expand its readership. Now, adding another chapter to 9jabreezeland’ journey, we’ve released our Android application for 9jabreezeland
You can use 9jabreezeland mobile app on your Android smartphones and tablets to grab the latest gadget news, latest music and videos, daily updates on open source and Linux news, software updates, and overall coverage of security and hacking news. Use this app to get the timely analysis of latest technologies and stay in the know.
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Mozilla Is Developing Open Source speech recognition System

Mozilla has decided speech recognition should be open source, and has launched a project to achieve just that, Project Common Voice.

Last year, Google said that about 20% of the searches made on mobile are voice inputs and the

Is Russia Really Fighting WannaCry Ransomware By Spraying Holy Water On Computers?

Image: (2013) Notorious WannaCry Ransomware has hit the computers at Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Coincidently, the same computers were blessed by Patriarch Kirill, Russia’s top religious official, in 2013. However, those old pictures are being circulated with fake stories like “Russian fighting WannaCry with holy water.”

Apple Watch Series 3 Has Reportedly Entered Final Testing Phase

The Cupertino company is having pretty busy schedule ahead, with several product announcements. With three new iPhones, Apple is also rumoured to

Scientists Have Reported The Discovery Of The Smallest Star Ever Found

Scientists have reported the discovery of the smallest star ever found, detecting a star only slightly larger than Saturn some 600 light-years away from Earth.
The star, called EBLM J0555–57Ab, is part of a binary system – as it orbits another, much larger star – and the researchers say its extremely