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Recently, 9jabreezeland app was published to include a heavily-requested feature . In the version 1.0 of app, improvements have also been made to notifications, bookmarks, text size, etc.
In a very short period of time, 9jabreezeland has established itself as one of the most trusted and popular sources of technology news on the internet. Over the time, with the help of an impartial reporting and constant innovation, 9jabreezeland has continued to expand its readership. Now, adding another chapter to 9jabreezeland’ journey, we’ve released our Android application for 9jabreezeland
You can use 9jabreezeland mobile app on your Android smartphones and tablets to grab the latest gadget news, latest music and videos, daily updates on open source and Linux news, software updates, and overall coverage of security and hacking news. Use this app to get the timely analysis of latest technologies and stay in the know.
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Thanks Google Cloud: Now, Google Won’t Read Your Emails For Gmail Ads

Credit: Google Advertising is the biggest model Google uses for roping in cash from. They take the help of the users who think every Google service is free, because it is, but not for advertisers who want to promote their content.

Brutal Kangaroo: How CIA Hacked Offline Computers Using Infected USB Drives

Brutal Kangaroo malware is the latest addition to the ongoing WikiLeaks Vault 7 leaks. Published earlier this week, the leaked documents show how the CIA hacked offline and air-gapped computers using USB drives. Brutal Kangaroo is basically a combination of 4 A Terminal Emulator Built Entirely With HTML, CSS, And JavaScript

Hyperis a Cross Operating System Terminal Emulator coded entirely with HTML, CSS, and Javascript built with Electron. It’s extensively extendable, you can even open web URLs inside it like you do in your browser, you can change its font and appearance with text-based configuration and more. It has a plugin oriented API which can be used by

How To Activate Facebook’s Hidden Harry Potter Spells?

June 26th, 2017, marks the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book. To celebrate the same, Facebook has activated a hidden Harry Potter spell feature on its website. All you need to is include certain words in your status to cast magical spells. Twitter is also